Research grant


In November 2010 I received a research grant awarded by the Otto Brenner Preis für kritischen Journalismus – a yearly award granted by Otto Brenner Stiftung to honour achievements in the field of critical journalism – for my research outline on the topic of “Editing and deletion wars – hired PR in the German Wikipedia”. On 31 August 2012 my article “Schönfärber im Wiki-Land” (Window-dressing in the world of Wikipedia) published by FINANCIAL TIMES DEUTSCHLAND revealed the last part of my research. My research results were also published in the ZEIT magazine on 1 December 2011 in an article entitled “Wikipedia oder Wahrheit”  (Wikipedia or the truth) followed by a report with the title “Das geschönte Bild vom Daimler-Konzern” (Daimler group’s glossed over image, English version of the article)  published on 12 March 2012 by SPIEGEL ONLINE.